Money-Making Application 2023, Number 3 belongs to the Government of Indonesia

Money-Making Applications – The development of technology and information to make money is very easy. There are various ways to get money through your smartphone, one of which is by downloading a money-making application.

Making money through cell phones has recently become a trend among the wider community, especially in Indonesia.

Smartphones were deliberately created to help and facilitate all daily human activities. One of the conveniences provided by smartphones is making money. In an increasingly advanced era like today, making money can be done in an unusual way, one of which is with a money-making application.

The following is a recommendation for a Money-Making Application, Number 3 belonging to the Government of Indonesia

1. Reso

Resso is used to play songs. But every time you finish listening to a song you will earn coins. In addition, you can get additional coins by inviting friends to download the Resso application, and invited friends also get coins that can later be exchanged for money.

2. Earn Money

Earn Money is another option that is recommended for you. In it, there are many opportunities to earn additional income. One of them is watching videos that have been provided by application developers. No need to watch till the end, you just need to watch videos up to 40 seconds long.

After watching the video, you must like the content. So, you will get a commission from the application.

Apart from that, you can also download and install various types of apk offered by the developer on their respective devices. Every time you finish downloading and installing, points will be given directly to your respective account.

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3. BANSOS Check Application

The Cek BANSOS application is a government-owned application through the MINISTRY OF SOCIAL REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA to facilitate the management of the 2023 Social Assistance Program, which can be accessed and downloaded by all levels of society.

During this year, people who are categorized as beneficiaries have received social assistance (BANSOS) from the government, and this month have entered the umpteenth stage for PKH assistance and Non-Cash Food Assistance. Recently there was also a bansos BLT fuel after the government raised fuel prices.

The disbursement of this month’s PKH and BPNT social assistance budgets will soon be completed and distribution will continue next month.

There is also a PKH social assistance disbursement technique at this stage and BPNT usually starts distributing it every 1st to 30th of this month.

For those who haven’t received this month’s social assistance, check immediately through the social assistance check application, the application of which can be downloaded via the link below:

Get the Application Here >> BANSOS Check Application

Whereas those who have not registered can submit via the complaint menu in the social assistance check application above.

Previously, it was necessary to note that PKH and BPNT social assistance were only given to residents who had fulfilled the requirements and conditions of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Prerequisites and conditions for obtaining PKH and BPNT social assistance include:

1. Indonesian citizens with underprivileged or poor economic conditions.
2. Information in the form of KK and KTP has been registered in the Social Welfare Integrated List (DTKS) of the Ministry of Social Affairs.
3. Not registered as a civil servant, ASN, Polri, TNI, or employee of BUMN, BUMD.
4. BPNT is prioritized for residents who have been laid off due to the pandemic.
5. PKH is only given to community members who fall into 7 categories of beneficiaries.

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Furthermore, the 7 categories of recipients of PKH social assistance are as follows:

1. Elementary school students or equivalent are entitled to IDR 900,000 per year.
2. Middle school students or equivalent are entitled to receive an amount of IDR 1,500,000 per year.
3. High school students or equivalent are entitled to receive Rp. 2,000,000 per year.
4. Pregnant women are entitled to receive IDR 3,000,000 per year.
5. Infants aged 0-6 years are entitled to receive an amount of IDR 3,000,000 per year.
6. An elderly person aged 70 years has the right to receive IDR 2,400,000 per year.
7. Persons with severe disabilities are entitled to receive an amount of IDR 2,400,000 per year.

There are also BPNT recipients of IDR 2.4 million per year per family, which are distributed every month in the amount of IDR 200,000.

Next, how to view PKH and BPNT beneficiary data, follow the next steps:

A. Write the hyperlink correctly on the Google page.
B. Fill in and complete the area information column to get a KTP.
C. Fill in and complete personal data, namely full name according to KTP.
D. The eight-letter code for the white box that exists accurately.
E. Please select “LOOK FOR DATA” to start the information matching technique.

Wait a few moments until the system sees that social assistance will start matching your information and provide data about your identity status, social assistance category, and disbursement schedule.

4. Like It Like

To earn money from Like it like App, you just need to watch different types of videos contained in it. After finishing watching a video, the commission will enter your account.

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Apart from watching videos on the app, you can also earn commissions from inviting friends. You can get coins from the referral code. This payment will be accumulated in the account and will be disbursed after reaching a certain limit.

Those are some recommendations for money-making applications.

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