Money-Making Application – Download Link for BANSOS Check Application 2023

BANSOS Check Application Download Link – To facilitate the management of the 2023 Social Assistance Program, the Government through the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia has launched the 2023 Social Assistance Application which can be accessed and downloaded by all levels of society.

Application that can be used to view participation in social assistance (BPNT, BST, and PKH). Users can view a list of recipients of social assistance around their administrative area and can object to beneficiaries deemed inappropriate. In addition, Users can also submit themselves or their neighbors who are deemed eligible to enter DTKS and/or receive social assistance.

The use of the Social Assistance Application is also very easy and can be followed by all entitled people, users only need to input data according to their KTP and KK into the form and if successful, the data will be immediately verified by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

For those of you who are going to download the social assistance application, you can use the following DOWNLOAD LINK.

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